Fashion keeps me Awake at Night

This is the post excerpt.


Been debating the thought of blogging about my fashion enthusiasm, well! here I am! First let me give you(whoever is reading this, thanks for your patience) a point by point introduction about me. 

  • From Bangladesh
  • Old enough to already start my own clothing line(also debating the thought of being an entrepreneur or not) 
  • Working on a project(which will be disclosed later in the next blogs, I am hopeful to continue to blog)
  • Referring to above, I am an optimist
  • Completed Advance Diploma in Fashion Design from Malaysia
  • Referring to above, learning to sew has made me more patient than I already was. 
  • Love to watch movies, to cook, listen to music and enjoy a good time with the closest of family and friends(the usual) 

Coming to the subject “fashion keeps me awake at night”, well that’s not entirely true, cause I can’t simply shut my mind about it the whole day! I would imagine and create all sorts of designs in my head all the time! That being said, since I graduated, I haven’t gone about making something yet! Sure have skecthed a few designs but haven’t gone around to make them come to life. It’s entirely my own lacking as I am always procrastinating and putting it off for later. One more point to be added to my introduction, I am quite a sloth and can put off work for as long as humanely possible! 

I was thinking of blogging since last year, so one can imagine for how long I can put things off! It’s about to change, I hope! Cause I want to start blogging about my journey as a fashion design student and my growth as a fashion designer!